Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thing 23

Whewww! IT'S DONE!!!

Many of the things done in this were redundant for me since I work in the IT world.

But, the access and opportunity to see "how" librarians have to complete their work, interact with a changing Patron population and technology is insightful for me.

If any of the participants need assistance with the technology, please send me a email, I will do what I can to help them to use/play with the stuff they encounter.

Thing 22

Audio books

If I cannot move a downloaded book from one player to another the same as moving a CD or Cassette tape - then audio books are not suitable for my purposes.

Thing 21


I really think podcasting is in it's "infant form" currently. My reasoning for this is that there are as many formats for casting as there are manufactures of the product.

Sony, Apple and others "coerce" you into there product, but restrict your access to the content. Now this applies to previously recorded content for music as well as books on disk/tape.

Short of reading a book into a recorder, you cannot move a recorded book from one player to another easily. In the old days Cassette Tapes let you move your stuff from one player to another without problem, but, since the publisher, distributor wants their little piece out of the cost, it turns me off to podcasting.

Unless of course I am the author of the content, then I want my piece of the pie also.

Thing 20

Waving to those who serve, Thank you.

Thing 19

Web 2.0 Awards

Checked out the Google maps, excellent, I live in the middle of no where, in fact, no where can be found where I am.

Thing 18

Web Docs

This is an "ok" tool for those who cannot afford a full featured Office Suite. However, Open Office (a free Open Source product) is available that competes with MS Office (and will read and edit the MS Office documents too).

See the link to Open Office

Thing 17


See Thing 16, added sandbox link